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Ask Value Research is our online help center where our analysts answer your investment queries. This helpline is a public forum, where you not only get answers to your own queries, but also learn by reading answers given to others. To be considered in Ask Value Research, please email your queries to

Buying a second health policy   Research Desk |  Sep 24, 2013
A new health policy will negate the loyalty benefits of continuing with the existing policy

Diversify your risk   Research Desk |  Sep 23, 2013
Diversify across fund houses to avoid concentration risk because a managerís choice of stocks may not always work

Current status of old ULIP   Research Desk |  Sep 20, 2013
NAV of ULIPs is not the final value of your investments as it doesn't factor-in expenses

Diversifying through debt funds   Research Desk |  Sep 19, 2013
Diversification reduces risk by allocating investments across financial instruments

Choosing a life cover   Research Desk |  Sep 18, 2013
Life insurance should be taken for a term up to which your family depends on your income

Quantum offers one plan under all schemes   Research Desk |  Sep 17, 2013
Schemes offered by Quantum Mutual Fund do not have a separate direct plan because the fund house deals directly with investors

Expense ratio of a fund affects the NAV   Research Desk |  Sep 17, 2013
Lower expense ratio offers a greater chance to earn high returns

Policies that make your insurance inflation-proof   Research Desk |  Sep 16, 2013
Insurance bought at a young age will seem inadequate after few years as inflation would have reduced the value of your cover

Tax saving with good returns   Research Desk |  Sep 13, 2013
Apart from saving taxes, ELSS funds can also deliver good long-term returns

Long term outperformers   Research Desk |  Sep 12, 2013
Continue investing in these funds to save for your retirement goals

Poor returns from tax-saving funds   Research Desk |  Sep 11, 2013
If your fund performs poorly for an extended period of time, consider replacing it with one thatís doing better

Safe investment option for short-term   Research Desk |  Sep 10, 2013
Consider investing in FMPs for tax-efficiency and negligible risk

Minimum risk and maximum returns   Research Desk |  Sep 09, 2013
Although highly volatile, equity funds can provide highest returns if you continue investing for long term

SIPs score over lump sum investments   Research Desk |  Sep 06, 2013
SIPs eliminate the risk of catching market peak and help invest at an average price over time

Non-performing sector funds   Research Desk |  Sep 06, 2013
Sector funds work only if the theme is compelling, or if your existing investments have no exposure to the sector

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