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Ask Value Research is our online help center where our analysts answer your investment queries. This helpline is a public forum, where you not only get answers to your own queries, but also learn by reading answers given to others. To be considered in Ask Value Research, please email your queries to

Why International equity funds are not rated   Research Desk |  Oct 18, 2013
Most International funds are theme oriented with a focus on different markets and their returns are not comparable

Mismatch in ITR and fund house's AIR   Research Desk |  Oct 17, 2013
A mismatch in your ITR and mutual fund's Annual Information Report can invite trouble from tax authorities

Indexation benefit in FMPs   Research Desk |  Oct 16, 2013
Indexation helps you save taxes as it allows cost to match with the current value

Regular income in retirement   Research Desk |  Oct 15, 2013
Senior Citizen Savings Scheme can ensure a regular income stream in retirement

Health insurance for the elderly   Research Desk |  Oct 14, 2013
Select a plan with lifelong renewal because buying insurance at older age is difficult in case you develop an ailment

Funds in your portfolio   Research Desk |  Oct 11, 2013
Select equity funds looking at their past performance and invest for long term

Tax saving options   Research Desk |  Oct 10, 2013
Tax-saving investments can be made in bank deposits, National Savings Certificate, PPF and ELSS funds

Negative alpha of a fund   Research Desk |  Oct 09, 2013
Find out if you should switch from a fund if its alpha is negative

Exiting equity funds   Research Desk |  Oct 08, 2013
When you are close to investment goals, exit systematically to eliminate any market risk

Exit load discourages short-term money   Research Desk |  Oct 07, 2013
Funds charge exit load to discourage investors from making short term investments

Discontinue investments in Reliance Growth   Research Desk |  Oct 04, 2013
Reliance Growth hasn't done well in recent years. Find out which fund to replace it with…

Go for Fixed Maturity Plans   Research Desk |  Oct 03, 2013
Now is not a good time to invest in fixed income funds. Find out where you should invest instead

Tax saving for senior citizens   Research Desk |  Sep 27, 2013
The principal invested in tax-free bonds does not any get deduction, only the returns are tax free

Decline in star-rating of a fund   Research Desk |  Sep 26, 2013
The rating downgrade shows that the fund's performance with respect to its peers has not been good

Diversifying your life cover   Research Desk |  Sep 25, 2013
Don't go for too many polices if you want to cap your insurance cover to Rs 1 crore or less

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