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Ask Value Research is our online help center where our analysts answer your investment queries. This helpline is a public forum, where you not only get answers to your own queries, but also learn by reading answers given to others. To be considered in Ask Value Research, please email your queries to

Change in promoter company does not affect your policy   Research Desk |  Dec 24, 2013
Policyholders are unlikely to get affected if foreign promoter of their insurance company decides to exit the JV

Avail medical treatment anywhere in the world   Research Desk |  Dec 23, 2013
The 'care anywhere' feature offered by Religare reimburses insurance claims for treatments availed abroad

Investing in Birla Sun Life Mid Cap fund   Research Desk |  Dec 20, 2013
Compared to its benchmark the fund looks impressive, but it is extremely disappointing in comparison with other funds in the category

How to diversify your investments in funds   Research Desk |  Dec 19, 2013
You can invest in the range of diversified funds or choose funds which focus on different segments of the markets

Eliminating risk from debt investments   Research Desk |  Dec 18, 2013
Debt funds are safer than equity funds, but do not get into a mismatched product by putting your short-term money in a fund that is meant for long term

First time investors should choose low risk instruments   Research Desk |  Dec 17, 2013
Approach your first investment in a slightly conservative manner, as you may not be able to withstand the volatility of a completely market-linked equity investment

Exceptional returns from Sundaram Gilt fund   Research Desk |  Dec 17, 2013
When FIIs pulled out investments in June, this fund could reduce its maturity quickly and escape the big decline that affected other larger gilt funds

Saving for retirement   Research Desk |  Dec 13, 2013
Invest your savings in balanced funds for inflation beating returns over long term

How to double your money in 5 years   Research Desk |  Dec 12, 2013
There is no guaranteed way of achieving this in exactly 5 years because fixed income returns are not high enough

For safe and fixed returns   Research Desk |  Dec 11, 2013
If you can compromise on liquidity, go for fixed maturity plans over FDs

SIP investing is for everyone   Research Desk |  Dec 09, 2013
Spread your equity investments over a period of time to mitigate the risk of catching any market peaks

Insurance covers your future   Research Desk |  Dec 06, 2013
Buying insurance at an early age costs less and safeguards your future responsibilities

Go beyond tax-saving with ELSS funds   Research Desk |  Dec 03, 2013
After the lock-in period, ELSS schemes can play the role of diversified equity funds in your portfolio

Superior returns from fixed income   Research Desk |  Nov 29, 2013
Dynamic bond funds have the leeway to invest in short-term or long-term securities, depending on the interest rate outlook

Should you continue your ULIP?   Research Desk |  Nov 28, 2013
ULIPs offer insurance cover at a higher cost and levy hefty charges that bring down returns

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