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Risk and Volatility Measures   Research Desk |  Jun 07, 2013
The Risk and Volatility measure show the risks associated with the compared funds through statistics like Standard Deviation and Sharpe Ratio...

'Unrated' Fund Schemes   Research Desk |  Jun 07, 2013
The newly launched Direct plans, though unrated, are expected to perform better than existing schemes...

Lower NAV in Direct Plan of a Scheme   Research Desk |  Jun 05, 2013
The NAV of direct plan of a scheme could be lower than its regular plan’s NAV because of accounting error...

The Right Fund   Research Desk |  Jun 04, 2013
Plan and build a portfolio with funds that have a track record and history and analyse its performance regularly...

Investing in Bond Funds   Research Desk |  Jun 03, 2013
The fluctuating prices of bonds can be used to enhance your portfolio's returns by investing in debt funds...

Different plans and options in funds   Research Desk |  Jun 03, 2013
Funds offer Regular and Direct plans under which one can invest in the growth, dividend or dividend-reinvestment option...

Investing in Index Funds   Research Desk |  May 30, 2013
Index funds can be a good option for investors who want to invest in equities but want to minimise the associated risk...

Health Insurance for Senior Citizens   Research Desk |  May 29, 2013
Look for policies with least number of exclusions while buying health insurance for senior citizens...

Benefit from Falling Interest rates   Research Desk |  May 29, 2013
As the interest rates follow a downward trend, this is the opportune time to invest in bond funds...

Switching in Funds   Research Desk |  May 28, 2013
A switch is a simultaneous redemption and purchase, so irrespective of exit load, the tax implication will be measured in terms of capital gains...

High Returns from Safe Investments   Research Desk |  May 28, 2013
Dynamic bond funds can invest in instruments with varying maturities which helps in uncertain times...

High Insurance Cover for Low Price   Research Desk |  May 27, 2013
Private insurers offer high covers at low rates which can be reduced further by buying policies online...

NPS vs Balanced Funds   Research Desk |  May 27, 2013
Balanced funds make more sense for long-term investors willing to take higher risk for better return...

Planning Exit from ULIPs   Research Desk |  May 24, 2013
If surrender charges in your ULIPs are substantially high, consider waiting until you complete the lock-in period...

Minimum Balance in funds   Research Desk |  May 24, 2013
One needs to maintain the stipulated minimum balance in funds in order to stay invested...

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