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Ask Value Research is our online help center where our analysts answer your investment queries. This helpline is a public forum, where you not only get answers to your own queries, but also learn by reading answers given to others. To be considered in Ask Value Research, please email your queries to

The fate of investments in infrastructure funds   Research Desk |  Aug 23, 2013
Infrastructure sector remains full of worries and investors should stay away from it

Investing in tax saving funds   Research Desk |  Aug 22, 2013
Tax saving should not be the only reason for you to invest in these funds, you can even consider building long-term wealth in these funds

Market capitalisation of a fund   Research Desk |  Aug 21, 2013
Market capitalisation of a fund depends on the kind of stocks a fund invests in. It is not same as assets of a fund.

Income in retirement   Research Desk |  Aug 19, 2013
Do not depend on gains from mutual funds for daily expenses. Even well-rated funds have toppled in the current market

Long term investments in equity funds   Research Desk |  Aug 16, 2013
Invest regularly in equity funds to build a meaningful corpus for faraway goals

Systematic Transfer Advantages   Research Desk |  Aug 14, 2013
Systematic transfer from an arbitrage fund to another mutual fund is a good idea. Find out how

Keep Faith in HDFC Equity   Research Desk |  Aug 13, 2013
HDFC Equity hasn’t done well in the past year, but its long-term performance is too compelling to ignore...

NRI Tax Status Change   Research Desk |  Aug 12, 2013
A change in the tax status of an NRI investor should be communicated to the AMCs of the mutual funds you invest in...

Avoid sectoral funds   Research Desk |  Aug 08, 2013
Avoid sectoral and thematic funds. Move your investments to a diversified equity fund…

Switching funds   Research Desk |  Aug 07, 2013
Franklin India Prima Plus may not be the best during rising markets but has shown resilience during market downturns...

Absolute and annualised returns   Research Desk |  Aug 06, 2013
Annualised returns are simply the annual gains that an investment has earned over a specific period of time...

Continue in this Debt Fund   Research Desk |  Aug 05, 2013
SBI Dynamic Bond is a good fixed income fund. You can continue investing in it, despite the recent losses...

Restructure your portfolio   Research Desk |  Aug 02, 2013
You can get better returns from your savings and investments with little changes and better organisation...

Taxing Debt Fund Gains   Research Desk |  Aug 01, 2013
Find out how gains from debt funds are taxed...

Debt fund to suit your investment tenure   Research Desk |  Jul 30, 2013
Debt funds invest in papers of different maturity and with different risk and return profile, pick a fund likewise...

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