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Ask Value Research is our online help center where our analysts answer your investment queries. This helpline is a public forum, where you not only get answers to your own queries, but also learn by reading answers given to others. To be considered in Ask Value Research, please email your queries to

Lower the Mid-Cap Exposure   Research Desk |  Sep 28, 2010
If you want to exit from ELSS fund, make sure you complete 3-yr lock-in

Stay Invested   Research Desk |  Sep 24, 2010
If you don't need the money now, stay invested in Fidelity Tax Advantage as it is a good fund

Large and Mid-cap Funds   Research Desk |  Sep 22, 2010
For a horizon of 4-5 years, we suggest you go for a large and mid-cap fund to benefit from rallies in either market cap

Multiple investing errors   Research Desk |  Sep 17, 2010
Having committed several cardinal mistakes at one go while investing, all you can do now is pay the price and learn from your mistakes

Post Office MIPs or Mutual Fund MIPs?   Research Desk |  Sep 14, 2010
If regularity of income and safety of capital are your prime concerns, then you may invest in Post Office MIP that is backed by the government

Well-Diversified Portfolio   Research Desk |  Sep 13, 2010
Since you already have six funds across different category, you don't need to add another fund to your portfolio

Should I invest in Mcnally Bharat?   Research Desk |  Sep 10, 2010
Since the stock's valuation is attractive and the sector that it operates in has bright prospects, you may buy the stock

Should I exit Balrampur Chini?   Research Desk |  Sep 09, 2010
Since sugar prices may fall on higher production, it is better to pull out of the stock

Avoiding fraudsters   Larissa Fernand |  Sep 09, 2010
I have read reports in the press

Limited mid, small-cap exposure   Research Desk |  Sep 08, 2010
Both Sundaram BNP Paribas S.M.I.L.E. Reg and Sundaram BNP Paribas Select Midcap Reg fall under the mid- and small-cap funds category

Infrastructure blues   Larissa Fernand |  Sep 03, 2010
Infrastructure funds have fallen from grace because they have not been able to race ahead in the bull rally that began in March 2009

Playing it Safe   Research Desk |  Aug 23, 2010
Hybrid mutual funds for investors who want minimal exposure to equity

Lacking Focus   Research Desk |  Aug 23, 2010
We see no rationale in your investment decisions

BSL Tax Relief is a volatile fund   Research Desk |  Aug 19, 2010
You cannot exit the fund unless you have completed the three-year lock-inYou cannot exit the fund unless you have completed the three-year lock-in

Bearing the brunt of one-time investment   Research Desk |  Aug 19, 2010
Both Tata Indo Global Infra, JM CORE 11 are high-risk exotic funds, and they are yet to recover from the 2008 market fall

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