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Ask Value Research is our online help center where our analysts answer your investment queries. This helpline is a public forum, where you not only get answers to your own queries, but also learn by reading answers given to others. To be considered in Ask Value Research, please email your queries to

Choosing a Term Plan   Research Desk |  Nov 20, 2014
A term plan should be chosen after looking at the insurance company's claims ratio as well as the premium it charges

Applicable Exit Load   Research Desk |  Nov 19, 2014
The exit load applicable to you would be the load which existed at the time when you invested in the fund

The Goldilocks problem   Research Desk |  Nov 18, 2014
Should fund investors try to pick and choose which parts of the market will do well?

Direct plans deliver higher returns   Research Desk |  Nov 17, 2014
The direct plan of a mutual fund is cheaper than the regular plan, which translates into higher returns

Look at Insurance & Investment Separately   Research Desk |  Nov 13, 2014
ULIPs don't serve the purpose of either insurance or investment. It's best to go for a term cover

How to Invest for the First Time   Research Desk |  Nov 12, 2014
A first-time investor investing for 3-5 years should pick conservative balanced funds.

Refrain from Investing in an NFO   Research Desk |  Nov 11, 2014
It is best to invest systematically in funds that have a compelling track record, rather than putting a lump sum in an NFO

Decoding Different Fund Returns   Research Desk |  Nov 10, 2014
From annualised returns to trailing returns & calendar returns, we explain what different kinds of fund returns mean

No Tax on ULIP Surrender Value after 5 Years   Research Desk |  Nov 05, 2014
There is no surrender charge or tax on surrender value of an ULIP after it has completed 5 years

Never Too Late to Plan Finances   Research Desk |  Nov 04, 2014
Online term insurance plans are cheap. Here are some options for people in their 50s to choose from

Liquid Funds v/s Bank FDs   Research Desk |  Nov 03, 2014
Liquid funds are ideal for short periods of less than 6 months, as they offer superior liquidity than bank FDs

How much should I save for a peaceful retirement?   Research Desk |  Oct 31, 2014
You may think that Rs 50 lakh or Rs 1 crore is enough to retire on, but with the relentless price rise, will it be enough for 25 or 30 years?

Can I have Some Trading Tips on These Two Stocks?   Research Desk |  Oct 30, 2014
I've been holding these two stocks, waiting to get 10 per cent returns. How long should I wait?

Switch Funds if you need the Money Soon   Research Desk |  Oct 28, 2014
Kotak Single Invest Plan is a rare ULIP that has delivered good returns. Find out what to do with your investments in it

STPs are Treated as Fresh Investments   Oct 27, 2014
Switching from an open-end fund to an ELSS fund using an STP will get you the tax benefit

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