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Stay Invested in DSPBR Micro Cap   Research Desk |  Apr 17, 2014
To gain from a micro-cap fund like DSP BlackRock Micro Cap, one must stay invested for a full market cycle

Taxation of Nonconvertible Debentures   Research Desk |  Apr 16, 2014
Unlike most debt instruments, cost indexation benefit is not allowed on debentures. Find out more

No Tax Benefits on Minor PPF Accounts   Research Desk |  Apr 15, 2014
A PPF account can be opened in a minor's name, but no tax deductions can be availed on the same

No Reason to Hold PSU Funds   Research Desk |  Apr 14, 2014
The underlying stocks that a PSU fund invests don't make good long term investments…

Look at Insurance & Investment Separately   Research Desk |  Apr 11, 2014
ULIPs don't serve the purpose of either insurance or investment. It's best to go for a term cover

A Simple Portfolio Works Best   Research Desk |  Apr 09, 2014
Five funds that are diversified across market sectors and capitalizations form a good portfolio of investments

Targeting Rs 1 Crore   Research Desk |  Apr 08, 2014
Low-yielding fixed income investments are not ideal if you're looking to build a corpus over the long-term

Direct plans deliver higher returns   Research Desk |  Apr 07, 2014
The direct plan of a mutual fund is cheaper than the regular plan, which translates into higher returns

What you need to know about ETFs   Research Desk |  Apr 04, 2014
Exchange traded funds are a type of mutual funds, but they're bought and sold like stocks

Investing for 3 Years   Research Desk |  Apr 02, 2014
For a short period of 3 years, an all equity fund could be disappointing. Consider a balanced fund instead

FMPs work for the short-term   Research Desk |  Mar 28, 2014
Fixed maturity plans are the best place to park your money for a period of 3-5 years

Taxation on equity fund gains   Research Desk |  Mar 24, 2014
While short term gains from equity funds are subject to tax, long term gains are tax-free in the hands of the investor

Save Taxes beyond Section 80C   Research Desk |  Mar 21, 2014
There are many ways to save taxes beyond the Rs 1 lakh permitted under Section 80C. Find out how

Investing through an Online Portal   Research Desk |  Mar 19, 2014
Investments portals are not charitable organizations. You can invest through them only in the non-direct plans

Understanding taxation of debt funds   Research Desk |  Mar 18, 2014
Under the growth option of a mutual fund, short terms gains are treated as capital gains & are not subject to DDT

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