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Ask Value Research is our online help center where our analysts answer your investment queries. This helpline is a public forum, where you not only get answers to your own queries, but also learn by reading answers given to others. To be considered in Ask Value Research, please email your queries to

Changed Taxation of FMPs   Research Desk |  Aug 20, 2014
Post Budget 2014, FMPs will not be eligible for double indexation benefits if redeemed between 1-3 years

Tax Treatment of Balanced Funds   Research Desk |  Aug 19, 2014
As far as taxation is concerned, balanced funds are treated like equity funds. Hence, long-term gains are tax-free

How to Choose Health Insurance   Research Desk |  Aug 18, 2014
Adequate health insurance should always be a priority. Keep these points in mind when looking for a policy

Saving for Child's Education   Research Desk |  Aug 14, 2014
The present cost of education is bound to rise over the years, factor inflation when calculating for future needs...

A Simple Investment Approach   Research Desk |  Aug 13, 2014
A first-time investor can consider splitting the investable money into bank deposits and mutual funds to benefit from both

Consider Surrendering your LIC Jeevan Anand Policy   Research Desk |  Aug 11, 2014
LIC Jeevan Anand isn't a policy worth investing in. Find out when and how you should surrender this plan if you have invested in it

Free Insurance on SIP Investments   Research Desk |  Aug 08, 2014
Availing free insurance on SIPs in ICICI Prudential's equity funds is a good idea. But keep these points in mind before going ahead

Earning Income in Retirement   Research Desk |  Aug 07, 2014
Retired investors can earn a regular income from their investments by following this simple strategy

Dividends Received by Funds   Research Desk |  Aug 06, 2014
A mutual fund doesn't disclose the total dividends it receives from the stocks it has invested into

Expense Ratio of Index Funds   Research Desk |  Aug 05, 2014
As per SEBI regulations, index funds can charge a maximum of 1.50 per cent as expense ratio. Find out more

Getting Info about Claim Procedures   Research Desk |  Aug 04, 2014
Call the insurance company with details of your policy number & member ID to know about the claim procedures

How Fund Units are Allotted   Research Desk |  Aug 01, 2014
Fund investment applications are processed by the registrar on the day they're received & units are allotted as per that day's NAV

No Taxes on Unrealized Gains   Research Desk |  Jul 31, 2014
A mutual fund investor is not liable to pay taxes on unrealized gains. Taxes are meant to be paid only when the investments are redeemed

Direct Plans have Lower Expense   Research Desk |  Jul 30, 2014
The direct plan of an equity mutual fund doesn't charge trail commission as it eliminates intermediaries and distributors

When Term Insurance isn't Available   Research Desk |  Jul 29, 2014
Individuals who are not able to buy term insurance due to any reason should opt for a personal accident insurance policy

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