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Investing Basics
Why You Need an Investment Objective
Specifying exact goals that your investments must achieve is a crucial step in eventually meeting those goals
Choosing Your First Fund
For first time investors, it's important to choose a fund that can provide reasonable returns with moderate risk…
Bringing Balance to Your Investments
Balancing your savings between different types of investments is the key task towards achieving your goals
Understanding Investment Choices
There are a variety of investment options available, but they can be understood clearly only by looking at few individual qualities
Making Your Money Work
Just saving money isn't enough; you need to invest it wisely to ensure that inflation doesn't eat it away
The Power of Compounding
The compounding of returns means that time is the most valuable asset that an investor has…
Why Not to Invest in an NFO
Instead of an NFO, choose to invest in equity funds that have a long history and proven track record
Using ValueResearchOnline
Compare Funds before Investing
Use the Fund Compare tool to weed out the bad fund and identify the one that suits your needs to start investing
How much each investment earns
One earns from multiple sources and keeping a track of all transactions is not an easy task. Portfolio Manager is where you should head
Enhanced Portfolio Manager
The Value Research Portfolio Manager has three exciting features to help you better manage your stock investments
Find Out Which Funds Own a Stock
Use the Who Owns What tool to check which fund house owns the stock that you're looking to invest in
Learn What a Fund is Made of
Make informed investment decisions using the Value Research Fund Card by clicking on the 'Download Reports' link on every fund's snapshot page on our website
Now Add Stocks to My Watchlist
The My Watchlist tool now allows you to add stocks to it as well, making it easy for you to keep track of your holdings
Which Fund Owns What?
Use our Who Owns What tool to decide which stock to invest in based on which fund has invested in it
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